30th April 2017

Here we are at the end of April and it feels more like the end of February.

I will skate over the general fishing because none of the lads have fished badly, the fish have simply stuck to the naturals which are very plentiful currently.
Now I have a theory about the reason for the quantity of naturals and will add that in a minute but before that we can bask in Cav’s success in trapping our new lake record in the shape of Cut Tail at an amazing 76lbs 15oz.

well angled my friend!!!!!

Right, back to my theories. Three weeks ago we were moaning about the number of sedges hatching and landing on us. Since then the temperature has dropped and we have seen very few sedges or midges hatching. Now, it is possible that, because they have stopped hatching, that the Cadiz and bloodworm remain on the lake bed in far greater numbers than would be normal for this time of year. If that is the case, it is likely that the hatches may start again this week and within a few days or so the natural food supply will be greatly reduced. If I have it right we should see a major upturn in the numbers of carp being caught as they start looking for other food items.

17th April 2017

A much better start to the current week with at least 10 carp banked by breakfast Monday morning, and a bit of time still to go.

It is pleasing to hear even more anglers reporting the fights as being the most powerful that they have ever experienced and that the fish are in the best condition ever.

There have been some big forties and Clover at a “partly spawned” weight of 56lbs 10oz in amongst the cptures so it’s all looking good and our work on keeping the weed under control seems to be paying dividends.

We still wait to see the two seventies back on the bank to see which one wins the race and just how close to 80lbs we can get this year.

1st April 2017

As we enter April already and our first week comes to an end we have gone from tough poor fishing to elation in one small step. 74.10

Eventually we began to see some fish being banked and, while 5 forties to 48.03, common, are not to be sneezed at, none of the fifty plus fish had seen a net.


Friday afternoon rectified that with Pat sending out the whoops of success. I was called by Alan to bring the scales and camera so I knew it was a good fish and as soon as I arrived in Pat’s swim I recognized the fish. Pat estimated her at 55lbs and was convinced that it wouldn’t beat his PB of 61.13 which was Clover from last year but I was confident that it would. On the scales and the reading confirmed my thoughts. There, in all her glory, was Cut Tail at a new lake record weight of 74lbs 10oz.

well angled mate. You deserve that kipper.

24th March 2017

Well here we are again, on the eve of another new season.

Let me say a big thanks to Tom, Simon and Alan for their help this week in cutting down and logging up the dead and split trees that were, potentially dangerous.

With the work completed we were able to do a bit of fishing but, despite seeing plenty of rolling and bubbling fish, they seemed so mobile that it made it very difficult to get onto them properly. We did manage to catch a few but not the numbers that we expected. Last night we were visited by a pair of violent storms with thunder, lightning and heavy rain for most of the night and, as is often the case, the fish in my swim decided to feed. My first take came at 11.30pm followed by the second at 3am and the third, and largest, at 5.30am. Soaked through for the first two meant just getting back into bed to dry out so it was pleasant to have the third during and improved weather spell. In order of appearance they weighed (all mirrors) 45.14, 43.01, 48.14 and amazingly, something that I didn’t realize until I updated my records, the last fish turned out to be my 300th of 40lbs plus.

Now let’s see the lake record smashed by a happy customer.

be lucky.


5th March 2017

Into the first of the “spring” months and the weather has certainly improved. We are not out of the woods yet but it’s certainly better than the minus 15 and solid ice lid that we suffered for the whole of January. We have been watching fish feeding all around the lake with no particular area seeming to be of more interest. It certainly appears that they are very mobile because, one morning they may be in front of Boneyard and that afternoon they are in front of Second Pontoon.

Alan arrived back in mid February and we have been busy every day since with cutting back and burning unwanted and fallen branches, erecting new canopies outside the lodge, re bedding and filling the drive pot holes and generally getting everything ready for the end of the month. Jan has been staining and painting as well as giving everything the final touches so we are on track for opening. Added to all of the work that we carried out during the depths of the season and it has been a very busy winter.

Right, now some fishing related stuff. Whilst we have been working Alan and I have been putting the rods out during the days. We haven’t worked hard at it but have tried different areas over the course of five days with the rods going out at about 8 am and wound in at about 6.30 pm. So far we have had 5 carp between us. Alan has banked 3 mirrors at 36.06, 37.06 and 42.08 while i have had a common at 32.02 and a mirror at 51.12. [an unrecognized fish]. The most impressive thing to come out of this is that they have all been solid and obviously not underfed for their winter under the ice, plus, they have all fought extremely hard. Now, if the big girls have fared just as well we may be in for some extreme surprises early in the season.

51.12 4th March 2017

13th February 2017

 well here we are in mid February already. January was evil and it’s good to see the air temperatures gradually climbing. Not a lot of signs of feeding fish yet but enough to show that they are slowly waking up. We are putting in some food for them now but not too much as I want them to eat as much of the naturals as possible.  I was recently asked which of our fish would be most likely to brake the 75lbs barrier this year and my obvious answer was to say Cut Tail and Half Lin. However, that also got me thinking about the younger fish and a few that spring to mind are Footsteps, Peach, Twin, Pretty One, Black Scale, Horeshoe Scale etc. etc. Now all of these are fish that have been born in the lake and are doing well, but there are another batch of very young fish which have been born since the last drain down in November 2011. That was the drain down that finally eradicated the bloody poison chats so all of the young fish born since that day have had much, much less competition for food during their early years. We saw carp of 4 years old last year (born spring 2012, so 4 years old in spring 2016) reach mid thirties already.  Those are the fish that interest me nearly as much as the progress of the big, known fish. If we were to see one of these make 40lbs plus at 5 years old then we have a base stock which could set the carp world alight. Exciting days to look forward to.Be lucky.

5th February 2017

 Well we seem to have got out of the severe freeze that has kept a lid on the lake for the whole of January. The lake is now about 90% free of ice with the only remaining patch being at the far end of the southern arm.  Today is also the first time that I have been able to put food in for the fish and another 25kg is also ready for the next few days. I intend to spread it about and keep adding small amounts while the lake remains “bendy”. On an even more exciting note we saw a fish head and shoulder properly yesterday and today I was watching three or four fish bubbling in front of boneyard. All good signs that they are waking up and beginning to feed.

2nd February 2017

 Well January is over and done and we are in to February. January has been a month of constant frost with temperatures dropping to minus 14 at one stage, and the lake has been iced over for the whole month.  We are now into a period of thawing conditions and, hopefully, the lake could be ice free (or very nearly) by the end of this week. As soon as we reach that situation I will be feeding heavily in order to get the carp back into prime condition. Just to end this post, I want to thank everyone for there bookings for this year as we now have more booked for 2017 than we have ever had before. I will also take this opportunity to let you all know that places for 2018 are filling well. There are still plenty to choose from but, if you are tied to specific dates, you need to let us know very rapidly.

Roll on spring and lets see some more seventies on the bank.

Be lucky.

21st January 2017

 Seeing that we are sitting around waiting for the weather to improve and the ice to start thawing, I thought I’d add a few more photos of carp caught in warmer conditions.  It’s interesting to look down my album of carp caught last year and see fish that could, potentiall, be new fifties, sixties and seventies for 2017. Obviously not all fish have the ability to reach these massive weights, just as not everyone is 6′ tall. However, if you simply look at the frame of some of these carp, at nearly 17 years old, they have already developed a massive skeleton and now we wait to see how much “meat they put on the bones”.

15th January 2017

 Heres another few photos to remind us of the better weather from last year.  We are still in the depth of a long, cold, dry spell, dry except for a smattering of snow but nowhere near the normal amount of rainfall for this time of year.   I’m still hoping that this long winter, our proper one for four years, will produce a proper spring and the severe cold will disrupt the growth of pests and weed.