5th February 2017

 Well we seem to have got out of the severe freeze that has kept a lid on the lake for the whole of January. The lake is now about 90% free of ice with the only remaining patch being at the far end of the southern arm.  Today is also the first time that I have been able to put food in for the fish and another 25kg is also ready for the next few days. I intend to spread it about and keep adding small amounts while the lake remains “bendy”. On an even more exciting note we saw a fish head and shoulder properly yesterday and today I was watching three or four fish bubbling in front of boneyard. All good signs that they are waking up and beginning to feed.

2nd February 2017

 Well January is over and done and we are in to February. January has been a month of constant frost with temperatures dropping to minus 14 at one stage, and the lake has been iced over for the whole month.  We are now into a period of thawing conditions and, hopefully, the lake could be ice free (or very nearly) by the end of this week. As soon as we reach that situation I will be feeding heavily in order to get the carp back into prime condition. Just to end this post, I want to thank everyone for there bookings for this year as we now have more booked for 2017 than we have ever had before. I will also take this opportunity to let you all know that places for 2018 are filling well. There are still plenty to choose from but, if you are tied to specific dates, you need to let us know very rapidly.

Roll on spring and lets see some more seventies on the bank.

Be lucky.

21st January 2017

 Seeing that we are sitting around waiting for the weather to improve and the ice to start thawing, I thought I’d add a few more photos of carp caught in warmer conditions.  It’s interesting to look down my album of carp caught last year and see fish that could, potentiall, be new fifties, sixties and seventies for 2017. Obviously not all fish have the ability to reach these massive weights, just as not everyone is 6′ tall. However, if you simply look at the frame of some of these carp, at nearly 17 years old, they have already developed a massive skeleton and now we wait to see how much “meat they put on the bones”.

15th January 2017

 Heres another few photos to remind us of the better weather from last year.  We are still in the depth of a long, cold, dry spell, dry except for a smattering of snow but nowhere near the normal amount of rainfall for this time of year.   I’m still hoping that this long winter, our proper one for four years, will produce a proper spring and the severe cold will disrupt the growth of pests and weed.

5th January 2017

well here’s part two of our winter warmers in an attempt to give us all some snippets to generate the excitement before the season starts.  I should just explain that the photos are not in any order of importance. They are simply taken, as they appear in my 2016 fish album. Most of these are fifties or sixties with one or two upper forties for good measure. Hope you enjoy.

2nd January 2017

 First of all let me welcome everyone to 2017. As our season is yet to start I will add some blogs to whet your appetites during the next couple of months while we wait for the weather to improve. I honestly believe that current cold winter will prove to be a benefit for catches when spring arrives. It has already helped us by knocking back the remaining stems of weed growth and should also reduce the number of midges etc that survive.  With a start to the season with less/very little weed growth, as well as our plans to control the new growth very early on, it should result in there being less natural food for the carp, so they move onto beds of bait more regularly, but also less places for them to lay up.   One of the problems in 2016 was that the carp didn’t need to move around and the fishing became limited to “holes in the weed” or lanes between weed beds. It was still possible to fish in the weed but this was generally facilitated by wading out in order to place the bait and this is not to everybody’s liking. 2017 will reduce this necessity but still allow this kind of fishing to those who enjoy it. Personally I enjoy “eyeball to eyeball” type fishing but I also love being able to feel the power of a big fish as it takes off up the lake.

Christmas 2016

Happy christmas

Happy Christmas everyone.

Sorry about the gap between leaving the old hosts and setting up this new blog. I’m sure it will all be worthwhile and I look forward to giving you fresh updates as the season nears. Here’s to a 2017 with sixties and seventies coming out of our ears. May all your angling dreams come true.