30th October 2020


With the new lockdown giving us a premature end to the season the only upside to this situation is that we’ve been able to start our planned netting works earlier and, therefore, while the water is still relatively warm.
We have pulled the net through both bays at the dam end (First Pontoon and Pampas) as well as the Eastern Arm bay and the results have been “encouraging” to say the least.
Our first couple of pulls produced hundreds of rudd which have been removed and the totals, although not weighed, were impressive. We estimate that we have accounted for about 900lbs so far.
On the carp front I am buzzing. Again we haven’t weighed the fish that were obviously very big as these were simply rolled over the net with as little stress as possible. However, having seen an awful lot of fifty pounders over the years, plus recognizing a few of those that we released, there have been at least 12 carp that would have been close to or over that magic figure. On top of those we have also checked just as many forties and have moved 62 small carp, from this years fry up to mid thirties, to our stock pond. I have to say that some of the very young fish are absolute stunners and it’s very difficult to move them when they are fully scaled or plated mirrors, but the biomass must be reduced.
We intend to continue with the netting throughout November and expect to see less and less rudd and small carp trapped as the weeks go by.
I’m confident that this action will result in the known big fish, as well as the forties, gain weight very fast over the next two years.