12th August 2020

What a heatwave?

The last few weeks have been unbearably hot with temperatures running in the high thirties and reaching 42 on occasions. We have every piece of aeration kit running 24/7 and without it I’m convinced we’d have lost quite a few fish. Our field is parched dry without a blade of grass so we continue to feed hay for the horses, donkeys and sheep and, despite having a very large compound with bushes to shelter under, our Chickens are dying from the extreme heat.

The Lake is down a couple of feet but the carp continue to feed. Amazing!!! This is our only week off this year and I would normally be fishing but I simply can’t take this weather. The work that I need to do is getting done between 6am and 9am and then I simply run for cover and spend the rest of the day indoors praying for rain.

The last three weeks have been tough with one week only producing 7 fish, the next 10 fish but last week 35 fish including 4 fifties and Peach at 66lbs. She looked in pristine condition and, in these conditions, that’s very reassuring.

Once this weather relents I’m confident that we shall see some more of the big girls come out to play.