1st May 2020

As we continue in this situation of being locked down because of the rapid spread of the Covid19 virus we have had very little Angling to report on. However, I have. Been feeding our stock and doing some fishing myself when time has allowed. Most of it has been early mornings or evenings with a few full nights thrown in on occasions.

As we have now completed April I thought that a summary of my captures may be good as an update and reference point for future captures. I’ve managed a few twenties, thirties and forties but, obviously, the bigger fish are the real measurement of how the lake is progressing so it is these that I shall concentrate on in this report.

So far this season I have managed to bank five fifties and three sixties and all have come to beds of chopped boilies and pellets, heavily glugged with amino oils and then mixed with cooked maize. All have also fallen to my favourite “whipped shank D rig” to a size 2 Solar 100 hook. Here’s a list of the cast in order of appearance:-

Galileo – 61lbs 11oz on 17th Feb 2020

unknown – 50lbs 14oz on 28th March 2020

Finger Print – 55lbs 01oz on 28th March 2020

Coffee Bean – 57lbs 11oz on 19th April 2020

Demi Lin – 52lbs 06oz on 20th April 2020

Horseshoe Scale – 60lbs 07oz on 27th April 2020

Morsey’s – 57lbs 15oz on 29th April 2020

Lockdown Common – 64lbs 08oz on 30th April 2020