18th March 2020


I’m aware that there may well be some keyboard warriors who will pick holes in this statement but we believe that this is the best way forward while fighting through the fog of this virus.
As a fishery we have been instructed, by the authorities, to close as part of the fight against the spread of COVID-19. However, the last thing we want to see is our customers losing their holidays.
We intend to offer alternative dates to all of our customers who have paid in full but, at this stage, we are not sure when those dates might be. We don’t yet know when these travel restrictions will be lifted. It may be that we can offer dates for later this year or next year. We have the options to extend the end of this season, cancel our mid-season holiday or even extend the length of next season in order to “produce” additional spaces.
No matter how we try to paint it, Moorlands is going to take a hit but in order for us all to come out of this with a reasonable ending we need to work together. With that in mind we would ask for your continued support and have decided that anyone or any group who hasn’t paid, or decides not to pay their balances by their due date will forfeit their holiday. Those holiday dates will then be offered as additional, alternative dates for those who already know that their trips are at risk but have paid in full.
To make it easy to calculate the due date for your balance payments it has always been two calendar months before your holiday. If your trip is 6th June then your balance is due by 6th April.
Thank you all for your support in this and please stay safe everyone so that we can speak about this disastrous period when we meet again in the future. 2020 is certainly going to be remembered.


From the team at Moorlands.