10th March 2020

This is just a post from my own pressions of the development of this bloody COVID 19 virus.

If I was in the position of planning to travel into Europe this summer there are one or two things that I would immediately be considering.
1. The medical recommendation is to avoid large groups of people so I suggest that travelling arrangements would be by Eurotunnel rather than by ferry. This at least avoids the crowds on the ferry and allows you to remain in your own car so pay the extra and be that little bit safer.
2. Make sure you have one of the good travel insurances so that you are covered for health treatment during your trip. This should also cover you if the country of your destination limits your travel options.
Now, more specifically for Moorland Fisheries, we are putting additional plans into operation to keep this situation under control. We may suggest that meals are served to the swims plus all cutlery and crockery will be sterilized and then handled with medical gloves. The lodge and toilets will be sanitized very regularly and soap will be available at all times.
My own feeling is not to panic but also not to pretend that this is not a serious situation.