18th February 2020

17th February 2020

For the last week I have been baiting very heavily to one spot and have fished all three rods to the bait but only fishing days. The middle rod right on the bait, the left rod off of the side of the bait and the right rod just on the edge. I started by baiting with mixed particles and then added boilies from day two onwards. On Saturday I baited with just DNA S7.
Since starting I have banked three carp up to today and in order of appearance they weighed 42lbs, 41lbs 7oz and then, on Sunday, a mid thirty linear. I decided to stop adding more bait in the hope that a bigger fish might be tempted to grab my hookbait as the freebies ran out. I also couldn’t put the rods out this morning because we were out until this afternoon. However, I did put the marker float out so that it would be just a single cast with each rod.
We got back home at about 1pm and my rods were on their spots by 2pm with the marker back out of the way.
Late afternoon and my slack line on my middle rod was no longer slack. In fact it was proper tight, the line was no longer in the rod clip, the R3 was wailing and the spool was making that wonderful ticking noise.
The instant I picked up the rod I knew it was a big fish. The power, the weight and the fact that I couldn’t persuade her to show herself was beginning to make me shake with excitement. Jan called out to see if it was a good fish and, as I still hadn’t seen her, I suggested that it might be. Eventually, oh so grudgingly, after about 30 minutes, she slid over the draw string. Jan again asked about its size and I suggested that “it might be a fifty”.
Once I’d rolled up the net and tried to take some of the weight to get her into the recovery sling I knew then that this was a special fish. I unhooked her, slid the net away and zipped up the sling. I then gently walked her (in the water) to the shallow water in front of the lodge while Sharon slid on her chesties to do some photos. It took two of us, and that was a struggle, to get her onto the scales and I was blown away to see the screen light up at 61lbs 11oz. My forth sixty. Oii! Oii!
For our regulars, the fish is “Galileo” and my records suggest that that is her heaviest so far so that suggests some more surprises ahead for this season.
Be lucky.