23rd January 2020


With Christmas and new year celebrations a distant memory and the temperatures well below zero and the lake frozen over it felt like a good day to spend some time in the office. We are now in full flow with the winter work in order to prepare the lake for the new season which starts in late March so I thought it might be good to update everyone on what’s been done and what’s yet to be done.
There’s been lots of bits and pieces done plus repairing the pot holes to the drive. Simon and I also had the challenge of cutting up the big oak the fell into the lake and, believe me that was some challenge. We took off the crown branches and then cut the main trunk into, just about, manageable chunks. Unfortunately this was made doubly difficult because the oak is so dense that it sinks so every branch and chunk had to be manually dragged to the bank. That took quite some time but cutting them further and then splitting, logging, borrowing and stacking them took even longer. Anyway that it done but we also need to do some more tidying to a couple of the other trees but that can wait until the lake thaws.
We have now managed to cut all of the reeds to the long bank and we are currently in the process of burning them. The remaining work to that side includes a few more small rafts of reeds which we are waiting to blow in, some more tidying of fallen sticks etc (until the next gale), and then a couple of swims which I would like to improve before we spread some gravel.
We then need to cut and remove the reeds to the meadow bank but there a lot less on that bank.
I have been feeding the lake but haven’t seen signs of carp moving onto the bait and with the lake now frozen that process is on hold.
During February I plan to carry out the annual dose of calcium carbonate but this year I will try the fine powder rather than the micro granules we have used previously. I believe that we may get a better “floculant” effect from the fine powder so we shall see.
I have lots of thoughts and plans with bait but that can wait for another few weeks.
Be lucky.