15th November 2019

Our 2019 season has just finished and our hard work is about to begin. We now face the slog of general maintenance in order to get our lake ship-shape and Bristol fashion before the start of the 2020 season. We will keep you up to date as work progresses but it is a good time to take a brief look back at the last couple of weeks plus the odd highlight which will lead us to the excitements and expectations for next year.
In general terms the final couple of weeks of the season have been cold and hard work for our anglers. Having said that we have to congratulate Rob for banking 10 carp during our final week when there was only 18 caught in total. Bloody good angling in anybody’s books.
That final week also gave us a glimpse of just what might be swimming over our baits while we sit and try to will our bobbins to start dancing. Rob banked a mirror, now known as “Starburst”, at 52lbs 4oz which we had not seen as a fifty before. I have also received a message from an angler who caught the same fish in August and he informed me that she has put on 5lbs between the two captures. Rob also banked Arfur at 52lbs 12oz and Jem caught Coffee Bean at 54lbs. Both of these fish weighing very close to their best ever weights which were whilst carrying swollen spawn back in the spring.
We then saw Dave bank The Pretty One at 62lbs 5oz which is her first time as a sixty pounder and only her second capture this year. The previous one being on 7th June when she weighed 53lbs 11oz, impressive or what?
I’m going to end this seasons catch reports by just listing the incredible captures from a few weeks ago when Roy Voller had the gods looking down on him as I think it’s a fitting end and an indication of just what might be possible when it all comes together. Next year IS going to provide some real surprises.
46lbs common
61lbs 10oz common
33lbs 8oz mirror
27lbs mirror
61lbs 10oz common
64lbs mirror
32lbs fully scaled
56lbs common
44lbs fully scaled
16lbs common
61lbs 2oz mirror
64lbs mirror
40lbs 2oz mirror
40lbs 4oz mirror
56lbs common
36lbs common
50lbs 8oz common
20lbs mirror
Total catch for 1 man in 1 week = 812lbs 12oz
Just a final footnote that the stock pond has been emptied and most of the carp sold on so we now have more room to continue our current system of removing the smaller fish from the lake as they get caught and this seems to be having the desired effect that we no longer see many doubles and low twenties being caught. In turn this results in better growth rates for the bigger fish. (New seventies in 2020?)
As I type we have just seen 24 hours of steady rain and the lake is now filling very fast and the spillway could be running again very soon.
Be lucky.