28th October 2019

28th October 2019.

The week that the clocks go back and the start of our penultimate week of 2019.
The last two weeks have been very odd with some marked occurrences that seem to have had an effect on the captures.
The first produced 30 odd carp with several forties but just 2 fifties but both special in their own way. We saw “The Big Fully” banked for the first time at a weight over fifty pounds at 51lbs 8oz from 1st Pontoon and we then saw another new fifty pound common at 52lbs 8oz take well over an hour to be banked from Pampas. They were certainly the highlights of the week and the remaining swims on the lake struggled with a couple of anglers blanking.
Now here’s an interesting point. As a lot of you will know, I occasionally fish, close in to the dam wall, but always after asking the anglers in 1st Pontoon and Pampas if they mind. In fact, I’m only actually fishing into a small part of 1st Pontoon’s water so asking Pampas is just courtesy. On this occasion one of the anglers asked me not to fish because he thought it would spoil his fishing by moving the fish around and he would prefer to keep them in his swim. I’m not desperate enough to fish if it annoys someone so I agreed not to, however, it seems that the result of me not Fishing did nothing to help his quest but certainly didn’t move the fish around as they remained close to the dam wall all week and never did move in front of the other anglers in any numbers. In fact the angler who was in 1st Pontoon and who was perfectly happy for me to fish caught very well while the angler in Pampas lost as many as he landed. That’s life I guess?
The second of these two weeks has been marked with one event which has had a major effect on the fishing. The beginning couple of days saw rain of biblical proportions. The feeder stream began to run and the lake water level rose by, between 4 and 6 inches (almost 2 million gallons). The influx of cold water had two effects. The first was that the water temperature dropped 2 degrees and the numbers of feeding fish on view dropped dramatically. The second was that the carp seemed to taste the minerals etc coming in from the feeder stream and several were seen to move down the Southern Arm as far as Jetty. This migration has meant that the captures have been far better spread with fish coming from 1st Pontoon (including 46lbs & 41lbs commons) and 2nd Pontoon (including mirrors of 44lbs 42lbs and 44lbs & 53lbs common), Royal Box, Oaks, Mistletoe (including 44lbs common), Reeds and Boneyard (41lbs mirror). The eagle eyed among you will have noticed that Pampas is the glaring omission. I’m now watching the weather forecast for the next two weeks and praying that it remains steady rather then falling too fast but it’s not looking good.