3rd September 2019

 I must admit that I wasn’t expecting to be adding to the blog this quickly but last night’s captures prove just how quickly the situation can swing. I mentioned in my last post that the area in front of Oaks and Royal Box hadn’t produced anything of note during last week but had banked Pipesmoker at 60lbs on Saturday night. It continues to produce the goods and while Royal Box banked Pipesmoker, last night it was Oaks turn to shine with a double pick up made up of a 47lbs mirror and “Peach” at 63lbs. Both fish look in stunning condition and the recent history of the Peach is worth recounting.

She achieved her biggest ever weight of 67lbs 3oz on 25th April 2019 when she was full of swollen eggs and ready to spawn. She was then caught again on 24th June, after spawning, at an empty weight of 54lbs 3oz, so 13lbs of spawn had been shed during the extended, and very hot, spawning period. 10 weeks later and still during the ridiculously hot summer, she has managed to regain 9 of those lost pounds. As I said before, these big girls can easily gain 2lbs+ per week as the water cools during autumn and, potentially, we have 10 “growing” weeks remaining before the season ends. In theory that could equate to a 20lbs increase in weight but, being realistic, that is very unlikely to happen but I’m expecting her, at about 16 years old, to be approaching 70lbs at the end of this year or next spring. Fantastic to see another fish that has been born in the lake since we bought it, heading for these massive milestones.