2nd September 2019

 This is going to be a late catch up on last week plus an early report of the weekend.Last week was tough with the continuation of the hot weather but there were plenty of fish feeding every day and this made it even more frustrating. We are now seeing signs that some of the fish are starting to put back some of the weight lost during the extended spawning period. It also appears that the extreme heat of the summer resulted in some of the known fish just laying up and only feeding enough to sustain them whereas others have fed with gusto.

This weekend we saw the temperatures drop and the fish seem to have responded well. “Oaks” struggled last week whereas the lads in there and “Royal Box” have already banked 6 carp (including 2 forties and a sixty) since Saturday lunch time.

Now for some detail. On Friday we saw “Horseshoe Scale” banked at 57lbs. Her best ever was 65lbs 15oz on 5th May 2019 while she was full of spawn and her last capture was on 18th July when she weighed 55lbs 8oz so she’s already getting back to a good condition.

A more promising sign was when “Pipesmoker” was banked last night at 60lbs. That’s only 4oz below her best ever and 5lbs heavier than her last capture in July.

Each year, at this time, we see these bigger fish start to pile on their lost weight and it’s very common that they do it at a rate of 2lbs or more per week. If they repeat that this year we are going to see a lot of very big fish by the end of October..