24th August 2019

This report covers our first week back after the summer break for 4 weeks and has revealed some interesting points despite the angling conditions being far from ideal.

The First is that the heat of the summer with water temperatures reaching 30 degrees seems to have resulted in the carp feeding but not as heavily as we would hope in “normal” summer conditions. The result being that the fish are fit and fighting hard but still well down in weight.

 The next point is that, with the water temperature now dropping, the fish are feeding very heavily again and it seems to be essential that the anglers get a bed of bait in very early and keep feeding it every day. Tom did exactly this and reaped the rewards, ending with 22 fish including 5 forties (3 of which were 47lbs or bigger) and a fifty at 55lbs 8oz in the shape of Galileo. Well angled mate.  That also leads on to the choice of bait. I know Tom arrived with the plan to use Dynamite ComplexT on one rod with his own choice on the others. The ComplexT took off so quickly that he abandoned his other bait after 2 days and hammered the swim with 55kg of BoiliesI must also mention my good friend Pete Gower who always enjoys his holidays with us but often doesn’t get the rub of the green, well this year was different and he arrived with a mid forty as his PB and ended with three carp of 47lbs plus and then put the icing on the cake with Half Lin at 60lbs 11oz. Well angled mate.In total, the group banked 51 carp which included 11 forties, six of which were over 47lbs, 2 fifties plus the sixty. Good start to the autumn period and it’s still August.