10th August 2019

This is a very brief update on the current state of play out here at Moorlands.
Each year we close from mid July to mid August in order to give the fish, the fishery and ourselves a break during the hottest of the summer weather. Unfortunately, this year, the hottest temperatures (42 degrees) were recorded in Bourgogne in June so our last couple of weeks before shut down were uncomfortably hot. However, it has still given the carp the chance to recuperate and settle back into the quiet life before the autumn growth spurts kick back in.
I, personally, haven’t had a chance to fish because of family visiting us and then our own trip down to the Camargue but one of the lads who looked after our place while we were away managed a few including a mirror of 49lbs and this common of 54lbs. I’m not sure which common this is nor whether it has been slightly heavier before spawning but I have to say that it looks extremely young and with a frame that could overtake our known big commons very quickly.
Having only been back home for two days now I have been very impressed to see the numbers of fish feeding heavily all over the lake. I purposely walked Porscha down to Billy’s this morning and there were several fish in every swim from the dam wall right down to Rocky Bay. I even saw one in Jetty but I don’t think that one was very big.
My gut feeling is that it will be essential to get a bed of bait in as soon as you start fishing and to stick with it right through your week. These fish are well spread, look very mobile and are searching for food. I’m guessing that a lot of boilies might be needed now in order to get the best out of each swim.
Be lucky.