7th July 2019

 I’m going to skate over the last three weeks as the weather has been ridiculously hot and with air temperatures reaching 42 degrees and water temps at 30 it isn’t surprising that the fishing was poor. Even in the poor conditions the lads still managed two 50lbs plus carp but both were well spawned out at 54lbs and 56lbs. On the positive side we’ve still seen plenty of feeding fish but, and this is a guess, the warm water has probably generated the bloodworm to pupate and in so doing have produced a lot of amino acids which are likely to be the feeding trigger for the carp. Yesterday we saw two very violent storms, one of which fried our internet and phone, and the carp have been kicked into life with the first night of the new week producing two 38lbs fully scaled, plus mirrors of 41lbs, 42lbs and 44lbs.