8th June 2019.

I will start this review of last week by saying that it continues to amaze me that carp anglers try to avoid June, because of the risk of spawning fish, and prefer May. I understand that you could catch them at their biggest in May but you’re also much more likely to find them spawning. Generally by June they are back on the feed, as this review shows.

With just 5 anglers on the lake I was invited to fish and, after their swim choices, I was also able to fish First Pontoon. This made the job of setting up etc. much less hassle and also kept me close to the house and lodge for meals plus exercising Porscha.

It became obvious, within 24 hours, that the fish were looking for food and the Dynamite ComplexT was far more attractive than particles. I chose to bait up 4 spots and fish 3 while keeping an eye on the fourth as a sort of reserve. I purposely ignored the aerator and Lillie bin and fished at 8 wraps maximum with my first fish coming to the rod at 5 wraps.

Everybody caught and everybody caught at least one forty. Unfortunately some of those upper forties were well spawned out and would have been mid fifties, or bigger, before spawning. However, we ended the week with 48 carp between us and that included 15 forties and 3 fifties. Most enjoyable for everyone so a big “well angled”.

I will end this with the list of carp that I managed to fluke out, just to show that we all need luck to be with us when it comes to which fish we hook.

in order of appearance;-

42lbs 8oz common, 37lbs 6oz common, 49lbs 8oz common, 37lbs 10oz common,       34lbs 5oz fully scaled, 46lbs 6oz common, 49lbs 9oz mirror, 43lbs 11oz common,                56lbs 12oz mirror, 36lbs 5oz mirror, 46lbs 1oz common.

11 carp including 6 forties and 1 fifty. I’ll settle for that.