27th April 2019

The last couple of weeks have been strange, to say the least, so I’m going to try to cover both weeks as a single report.

In general the last 14 days have seen the weather change from cold to red hot which saw the water temps soar from 10 degrees to 19 degrees in one week and then heavy rain, extremely strong winds and hail storms drop the water temp to 14 degrees in 24 hours.
The warmest and most settled period saw the carp kick in to spawning mode with several groups occupying the end of the Southern Arm as well as the the willow roots along the stock pond dam wall. The obvious, visible spawning lasted from Friday through to Wednesday morning and then stopped so suddenly that it was like throwing a switch. I will just add here that some of the bigger fish that we saw banked, just before the spawning activity kicked in, didn’t look ready for spawning so I’m honestly not sure whether we missed the first part of spawning by a small group or, perhaps, some of the fish will spawn much later.
The week leading up to the spawning was difficult but we still saw some good fish with 4 forties, 2 fifties (one of them at 55lbs 7oz not recognized as a known fifty) plus the Half Lin at 69lbs 10oz. We then suffered a lull in the action, during spawning, followed by another difficult week which produced just 12 carp but that total included 4 forties (2 above 45lbs), 4 fifties and The Peach at 67lbs 3oz so the averages are looking very healthy.
We now head into a new week with more rain forecast and the lake completely full once more. With the forecast showing the temperatures to be warming up I’m hoping that the next couple of weeks might produce numbers of big fish.
Be lucky.