14th April 2019

SUNDAY 14th APRIL 2019

I must admit that I done remember such ridiculously cold weather at this time of year during previous years. It was minus 3 this morning, the field was solid with frost and, although that’s the coldest for a week the previous days still started frosty and with a biting northerly wind blowing. About as far from “carpy” weather as you could imagine. However, the lads stuck to the challenge and even though only about 15 carp were banked over half of them were forty plus with 7 forties banked plus a common of 54lbs 8oz and a mirror of 56lbs 7oz so the averages are holding up.
The most frustrating thing is that we are watching numerous, very big carp, rolling from early evening, through the night and round to breakfast time but most of the captures are coming during the day when there’s very little signs of movement. Wired or what?
The forecast is for the weather to improve rapidly this week from Tuesday on so let’s hope these rolling fish start rolling over people’s landing nets.