30th March 2019

SATURDAY 30th March 2019.

The end of our first week of the new season.
The weather forecast looked superb and the first couple of days suggested that it would be perfect conditions. Unfortunately the wind turned to a very cold northerly and dropped the water temperature from 14.5 to 12 degrees in two days and this seemed to immediately reduce the number of fish that could be seen rolling and fizzing.
All 9 of our angling guests remained happy and enjoying the challenge but it was noticeable that the fishing became very localized to different areas on different days. For instance, one angler would catch two or three early on and then suffer a few days blanking and not even seeing any fish while another angler who had been blanking early on would suddenly have 5 or six fish in two days and so on. Unfortunately, two of the lads struggled throughout the week and, while the carp continued to show in their swims, nothing that they tried would be accepted by the fish.
It has been, and will continue to be, very frustrating for me to have to be so careful to limit the amount of work that I do and this includes helping with weighing and photographing the fish but I know that I will gradually get back to full fitness and be able to be back behind the camera in the future so I’ll just have to be patient.
Anyway, our opening week was far from being a failure with approximately 25 carp banked and within that number were two or three twenties, several good thirties, 7 forties, 3 fifties (50lbs 15oz mirror, 53lbs 0oz mirror, 53lbs 12oz unknown common) and 1 sixty in the shape of “Horseshoe Scale” at a new best weight of 63lbs. So very well angled to one and all.
I should also like to add that two of the fifties and the sixty have certainly put on weight during the winter period and that fact alone could promise some very exciting surprises for the rest of this season. In fact Horseshoe Scale was only 58lbs 9oz last May when she was carrying a lot of spawn so to have put on 4.5lbs in 11 months with the effect of her spawn swelling not yet counting is amazing.
Be lucky.