3rd March 2019

At long last we appear to be getting near the end of our winter works and are now confident that we, and the fishery will be ready to welcome our first guests at the end of March. There’s always a lot of work to be done during the winter but we added to the normal tasks of clearing the reeds and the broken sticks and branches by ripping out the whole of the big bramble patch just inside the field gate as well as taking the top off of the drive and rolling out the carnage created with a large Bomag. Anyway, that’s done and Jan has been busy painting the lodge, cleaning the kitchen and bar area and we now need a few more dry days to complete some repointing and then painting the outside.

I’m pleased that the calcium carbonate is all done and, conversely to my comment above, I’m waiting for some more rain, which is forecast this week, so that I can get the last of the reeds moved from the spillway pool and off down the garden stream.
During my perambulations this morning I noticed that the Southern Arm is beginning to clear again after having appeared to be clouding up over recent days. That suggests to me that the carp are beginning to stir up the bottom and is good news for the anglers. It also made me imagine the numbers of big fish that might become more visible this year, especially during the fight while hooked and that got me to looking through some of the catch reports over the last couple of years. I was amazed to find that we have seen 17 different carp banked weighing in excess of 55lbs. That, for me, is mind blowing and I can only add that the oldest of these is less than 19 years old and several of them are less than 10 years old. Add to that that the other 30 or so lower fifties and lord knows how many upper forties, are all very young fish and we have a recipe for some very special results for the future.
Here’s a list of the bigger fish with their best weights over the last couple of years.
Cut Tail – 76lbs 15oz
Half Lin – 74lbs 15oz
Clover – 60lbs 5oz
Andy’s Common – 59lbs 15oz
Pipesmoker – 60lbs 5oz
Peach – 65lbs 9oz
Round Scale – 57lbs 14oz
Black Scale – 57lbs 3oz
Footsteps – 56lbs 10oz
Pretty One – 58lbs 9oz
Horseshoe Scale – 60lbs 15oz
Chunky – 56lbs 2oz
Arfur – 55lbs 3oz
Chunky’s Double – 55lbs 2oz
Bob’s fish – 56lbs 3oz
Dippy – 59lbs 1oz
Galileo – 60lbs 7oz
I’m reasonably happy with that list.
Be lucky.