25th February 2019

The winter work continues at a pace and the warm, dry February has resulted in us having to rake out the cut reeds rather than being able to float them over the spillway. The lake is totally full but the flow in the garden stream isn’t strong enough to push the cut reeds away so each pile raked out of the lake has had to be borrowed round to the field and burned. I’m sure you can imagine that a huge pile of soaking wet reeds takes a while to burn but we are getting there.
Now to more pleasant things. My grandson Lewis has taken advantage of half term to flick a white rubber drop shot lure around and has caught some fantastic looking wide mouth bass, a very welcome, and superbly marked perch and ……… wait for it, a 2lbs plus rudd, yes a rudd, caught fair and square on a rubber lure. Well angled mate, that’s something I’ve never done.
Yesterday we completed spreading the calcium carbonate across the entire lake and, immediately saw the carp feeding in the areas recently covered. I was concerned that the application would put them off of the feed but that was far from being the case. Today, this morning and this evening, I watched numbers if carp feeding over a wide area of the lake and I also watched three very good fish roll. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but seeing rolling fish is probably almost as exciting as catching one. I’m waiting to see the first ones caught in order to see whether the water clarity has darkened their colours.
More heavy work starts tomorrow but we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Be lucky.