12th October 2018

Right chaps, I am being messed around a bit by a few anglers who can’t get their mates to make a decision and commit to dates which had already been booked for next year so I am in a position to be able to offer some unexpected spaces.
We have various dates across the year so, rather than list them all here and then have to keep editing this post and hoping everyone has seen it I will leave it up to anyone who is interested to contact me and I can pass on the relevant details.
As a taster this year, despite the ridiculous drought, we have seen 29 different, recogniseable, fifties and 5 known sixties. Unfortunately some of the really big girls weren’t caught until after spawning so we missed some potential but, by working back through my records and relating previous years growths we are confident that our Lake contains 50 carp of 50lbs plus. Add another 100+ forties and you can see why the lads 3 weeks ago had such a massive catch of big fish. Unfortunately the weather has quietened everything down for the last couple of weeks but I’m expecting some more lumps before the season end.
Let me know if you’re interested.
Keith@moorlandfisheries.co.uk or 0033 630 343 444