29th September 2018


108 carp caught by Simon, Gwyn, Tony, Steve, Paul and Rob.
Of those landed these are the list of fish over 37lbs. amazingly it is exactly half (54) of the total numbers, but, and this does need clarifying, the totals included some commons under 30lbs and a few mirrors under 20lbs and these were moved to our stock pond. We need to continue this policy in order to maintain our control on the biomass but also because these smaller, younger fish (born in our lake every year) do not form part of, what we consider the “target group” so our growth calculations do not include these.

37.00, 37.12, 38.00, 38.00, 38.00, 38.06, 38.08, 38.08, 39.00, 39.00, 39.08, 39.12
40.00, 40.00, 40.04, 40.08, 40.12, 41.00, 41.00, 41.00, 41.04, 41.08, 41.08
42.04, 42.08, 43.00, 43.04, 43.04, 44.02, 44.04, 44.08
45.00, 45.08, 45.08, 46.06, 47.00, 47.00, 48.02, 48.08, 48.08, 48.08, 48.08
51.01, 51.02, 51.08, 52.00, 52.00, 52.02, 52.08, 56.02, 59.02, 59.07
60.13, 64.14.
Summary;- 30 forties, 10 fifties & 2 sixties

Looking for clues to future weights from a very conservative 3lbs per year weight gain, we can see that there are 12 carp between 37lbs and 40lbs so they should all easily be new forties for 2019.
By the same calculations there are 7 carp between 47lbs and 50lbs so they should all be new fifties.
There are obviously also some big fifties that will be sixties also.

Taking the numbers of “target fish” caught this week (ie. commons over 30lbs and mirrors over 20lbs) as a percentage of the total “target group” it looks to be approximately 65%+ are going to be 40lbs+ next year.
With a total target group of around 300 carp this suggests that somewhere close to 200 carp are likely to be over 40lbs. Of that we should also see at least 50 different carp above 50lbs.
Now the fun begins.
The photos below are from last night’s call to arms for Tony’s 56lbs 2oz mirror which we thought was the ninth fifty but, counting the list, it proves to be the tenth. Brilliant angling by one and all.