22nd September 2018

As I sit here and write this we are coming to the end of our second week with none of the larger inhabitants gracing the landing nets. As a fishery owner it’s always frustrating when the fish don’t  play ball for your guests and especially after nearly 17 years when a lot of our guests are now good friends. However, even more frustrating, and equally as exciting, is to have been able to sit on our dam wall, watching the breaking of each new dawn and the dimming light of each evening, whilst the carp give away their presence with amazing numbers of patches of bubbles, crashes and head and shouldering. In fact they are crashing throughout the night and some are so loud that we can hear them from indoors. They are obviously feeding very heavily on natural foods and, from the fish that I have personally seen roll, some of them look absolutely enormous and in fantastic condition.

My own take on this is that it will need a bit of “thinking outside of the box” but when someone gets it right they’re going to have the trip of their lifetime.