1st September 2018

Another week done and another week closer to the friendly and productive temperatures. The lads really did well and caught some stunning fish. Some struggled while other plundered the stocks. That had nothing to do with angling ability and simply the fact that the fish parked themselves in front of the first four swims until Wednesday and then moved out en masse. Anyway, the final tally was 30 carp banked and very few of those were below 30lbs. The better fish included 8 forties, 6 fifties plus Half Lin at 67lbs.

Cant wait to see what the following weeks produce and I have been playing around with fish growth rates in order to try to come up with projections. I have monitored some of the bigger carp weights and compared them with the same time last year. I then took those same fish and checked to see what their best weights were by the end of last year and it has thrown up some surprises. Now I’m not suggesting that I can forecast exactly what weight each fish will achieve but, even conservatively, my calculations suggest that we could easily have at least 12 different sixties. Way beyond my wildest dreams!!!!