15th July 2018

The day after the Bastille day celebrations and the morning of France’ attempt to win the World Cup of football and all is currently peaceful in our world. I’m sure the cavalcades of vehicles with thei horns blaring will commence if they win.

Anyway, let’s get back to the Fishing, which has also been quiet. That is not to say that the carp aren’t feeding, quite the opposite, but they are certainly on naturals and fry in a very big way. Of an evening and early morning we can see numbers of carp fizzing and rolling and throughout most nights there are the sounds of some very big fish crashing out. Two weeks ago the anglers were more into their holidays than their fishing and I’m not knocking them for that but winding in and spending two or three hours away from their swims at breakfast and dinner certainly meant that they missed the main feeding spells so there would certainly have been more opportunities to be had. Last week four lads had the lake as an exclusive and while they worked hard and had breakfast baguettes in their swims it was always going to be hard to keep the fish in front of them with four trying to cover a 14 acre lake.

The highlight was to see Steve open his Moorland account on his first ever trip with “The Pretty One” at exactly 52 lbs. Well angled mate.