30th June 2018

Right, this isn’t a catch report but it is a good time (half way through the year) to put out some information on bookings and spaces. This year is full so that can be forgotten, but 2019 still has some summer and autumn spaces and spring 2020 also has limited spring spaces remaining.
There are a lot of interested people and many enquiries at present so if anyone is looking for specific weeks for the next couple of years, my advice is don’t delay your decisions.
So far, this year we have seen 28 DIFFERENT fifties banked (somewhere around 60 banked if you include multiple captures) but, probably more important, at least as many 48lbs and 49lbs fish. These are the very young, very fast growing fish that are very likely to overtake some of our existing, known, fifties and sixties.
I include some photos of Cav’s fish from this week as they included an unknown 49lbs mirror, “Garry Linear” at 50lbs 10oz which is close to its best and a fantastic post spawning weight. I’ve also included “The Peach” which weighed 64lbs 8oz and only weighed 51lbs 11oz on 14th July 2015. My target is to produce a stock density by autumn 2020 which includes 100 fifties. Let’s see how it goes.