25th June 2018

Sorry for the gap in my posts but the last couple of weeks have been poor for catch results as the bigger fish have tended to hide away. On top of that I have had to spend a lot of time rereading and checking for spelling, the final pdf for my book. Hopefully that is all good now and we can get a proper print batch done.

It has been noticeable that these last two weeks have seen the fish ignore the big beds of bait which had been working so well. It is my impression that there gas again been some small groups of spawning fish which has led to the feeding carp following them to eat the eggs. That seems to be changing again now and early this morning the Lake was, quite simply, alive with fizzing and rolling fish. I’m confident that we are one the verge of seeing some big fish hitting the spreader blocks very shortly.

The only real highlight of these last week’s has been our first ever sixty pound common in the shape of Pipesmoker to Adam Garland. Well angled mate.