21st May 2018

Last week we saw 7 anglers enjoy their week while also working to get the best out of the Fishing. None of them were afraid to move and the moves that they made paid off with dividends.
By the end of the week they had banked 106 carp and that total included 17 forties, 11 fifties and 1 sixty.
I must just say well angled one and all.
Now while I’m writing I will add that we have seen 24 different fifties banked so far this year. Of those, 9 have been new fifties and we are still waiting to see several of the known fifties. The lake is looking in very good condition with the water carrying just enough color but no signs of weed growth and no signs of any algae. We will keep our fingers crossed and hope that it holds this condition throughout the year as that could lead to some massive weight gains by autumn.
This year has proved over and over again that big beds of bait are producing most and, generally, the biggest carp and I have a theory about this. I think that getting rid of the weed last year meant that all of the natural food item contained in the weed were deposited onto the lakebed and provided the carp with a massive harvest of food items wherever they went. With the weed remaining dormant this year, that food supply has not been reproduced. The fish also have nowhere to hid so they are keeping on the move rather than laying up in the thickest weedbed. They are therefore much more likely to settle onto big beds of bait as a replacement for the naturals.