9th May 2018

This is going to be a very pleasant update. 

  Sorry for the delay in posting last week’s results but our planned trip to U.K. for my great grandson’s christening plus Jan’s trapped nerve have taken up more time than expected.   Anyway, as I type, I’m pleased to report that spawning seems to be done and plenty of signs of feeding fish at first light this morning.  Now to the results from last week. The lads fished to heavily baited patches and the fish responded by returning again and again. The week finished with the six lads banking 72 carp and that included 17 forties, (2 of them at 49lbs 12oz) 8 fifties, (2 of them at 58lbs 9oz) and The Peach at 64lbs 7oz.  I’m not going to bore everyone with a list of all of the forties caught so will just add those above 45lbs:-

45.00, 45.02, 45.06, 45.12, 46.00, 47.12, 48.15, 49.12, 49.12, 50.02, 50.08, 51.02, 52.08, 52.11, 53.14, 58.09, 58.09, 64.07. (18 in total)

Well angled lads. Can’t wait to see what the next surprises are.