28th April 2018

 At last we are beginning to see improvements in the Fishing and some answers relating to previous weeks.  We reported seeing fish preparing for spawning by pushing through the mud, a couple of weeks ago. It now appears that what we thought was preparations was actually carp spawning on the Lake bed. This week we have seen several carp that are obviously spawned out and down in weight so it seems that removing the weed has made spawning totally different. Obviously the good news is that they now have a longer recovery period.   There are certainly some other changes to the Lake and the most noticeable to all our regulars is that the silt us reducing rapidly. This may be, in part, to do with the calcium carbonate but, I think more likely, the act of the aeration system without the weed causing a baffle to stop the water movement. Several of our regulars have been amazed at how little silt remains. The Fishing is certainly on the up and, following last week’s total of 7 carp landed this week we have seen 32 banked including 10 forties to 49lbs 6oz and 3 fifties to 58lbs 11oz.

There are still well over fifty other fifties that we haven’t seen yet so these next few weeks could be exciting.