15th April 2018

There’s no point in hiding the fact that last week was extremely poor. The only saving grace, which doesn’t help our customers, is that the reports from most other French lakes were painting a similar picture.

The torrential rain on the previous Wednesday certainly acted like a massive switch and totally turned the fish off for most of the week. As an indication of that we saw 20 carp banked last week and 8 of those were on Friday when the water was beginning to fine down. Another strange situation is that we have only seen two carp caught during, the hours of darkness, all year.

It is certainly on the verge of turning on now with lots of feeding carp on show this morning and another beautiful fully scaled mirror of 37lbs 4oz banked at lunch time from Sunrise. I will add a photo of this one with the biggest fully from last week but would just underline that my target is now to get the carp of this quality up into the fifty pound bracket rather than trying to grow a few big fish. If I could double the numbers of our fifties over the next five years I will have achieved my goal.