2nd February 2018

I certainly wasn’t planning to post again yet as winter is normally a time of ……… nothing happening. However, not this year.

I walk the lake at least a couple of times each day in order to check for wind damage, security to the fences etc. and I’m surprised how many feeding fish I have seen recently. Today seems very quiet and the sudden drop in temperature seems to have been felt by the carp but two days ago was totally different.

I was getting near the end of my walk, approaching Billy no Mates when I heard a fish crash out. I didn’t see it but it sounded like a good size. You know, the kind of “wallow” noise that big fish make as opposed to the slappy crash of smaller fish. Now, for obvious reasons, I spent a while standing quietly and just watching and saw several really good sized patches of bubbles. The carp were certainly feeding well. I returned to the same area at lunch time and again that evening and during those three visits I saw or heard ten or eleven fish roll or crash.

Now, let me say that, in order to know roughly how big the fish is, that is making the eruption, you really need to be looking at just the right spot in order to see it in detail. With that in mind I can confirm that two of the fish that I saw were very small, probably low doubles, so we need to continue with our policy of removing small carp as they get caught. However, another couple that I saw were bloody huge. One was a very dark mirror with massive shoulders and the other was a much paler mirror but I would estimate bothe to be well into the fifties. It would have been so good to be able to estimate some weights on the other half dozen or so but they were on the periphery of my view and not seen clearly enough.

Lets hope that’s a sign of a good start to the season but it might also be an indication that spawning could be early this year?

Be lucky.