31st December 2017

I hadn’t planned to add any more blogs or posts until after the start of the new year. However, we woke this morning to a bright, clear, blue sky and very mild conditions so it gave me a perfect opportunity to use the boat to remove the last marker pole, which I forgot last time. In all honesty it was probably my last chance because the lake had risen by 6″ overnight (2 million gallons) and less than an inch of the pole was still showing.

While I was out in the boat I heard a splash come from the area in front of Boneyard but assumed it was a coot. I sat and watched but no bird surfaced. Can’t have been a fish surely? I decided to check the spot and there was definitely some mud stirred up. Having rowed that far I decided to check the flow through the filter bed so rowed the length of the Southern Arm.

As I neared Snag Bay I thought I could see,what fly fishermen call “nervous water” in front of Billy’s. I gently rowed closer and there, before my eyes, was a patch of proper feeding bubbles. As the boat drifted closer a huge nose, followed by eyes and shoulders, slowly, almost frozen in time, lifted itself above the surface. I sat back absolutely gobsmacked. Here it is, the last day of the year, and I’ve just watched a fifty plus carp head and shoulder in what can only be 2′ 6″ of water. Amazing.

In my astonishment my foot slipped on the bottom of the boat and, suddenly, all hell broke loose. There were bow waves, streams of bubbles, swirls of muddy water and angry carp heading in all directions. I was so intent on watching the one fish that I had missed at least 25 to 30 others, all down in the shallow inflow of water feeding heavily.

So much for them heading for deep water in the winter eh?

Be lucky!!!!