29th December 2017

A cold night last night and, with the water already down to 4 degrees, it was no surprise to see areas of thin ice across the lake. With that in mind and the fact that most of my work will be carried out on the sheep and chicken pens, plus some major cutting back down in the garden, this will probably be my last post this year.

On the positive side, the lake is filling nicely and with no run off from the field. It suggests that the aquifer was very low after last summer and is taking a long time to replenish its store. With another week of steady rain forecast we are likely to be full and flowing again very shortly. That will also give me a chance to float off the remaining red stems that we didn’t get time to burn before Christmas.

The stock pond is also nearly full and will be ready to house any small fish caught next season. We intend to plant it out with ornamental lilies to make it a bit more picturesque for us to sit and relax, when we get the chance.

Anyway, let me wish all of you a happy, and healthy New Year.