28th November 2017

Well, as always, November has been a busy month for us as a family. Jan’s birthday, our golden wedding anniversary and my birthday all condensed into a couple of weeks. We managed to grab a wonderful week away in Antibes and it made me realize, yet again, just how much I still love my beautiful wife and how easy we are together.

Anyway, enough of the slushy stuff. I have spent all of my spare days, since the end of the season, strimming and burning the reeds along the Long bank. With the water still low I have been able to stand in the clay and cut the reeds back to bed level as opposed to the water level that we have had to work to in recent years. We managed to burn the cuttings as we worked up from Billy’s to Stumps but we are now suffering light rain so burning is going to take a back seat. However, today I completed that bank and now hope to do the whole of the meadow bank by the weekend. Before anyone asks, my reasons for the cutting are that the spring growth is always fresh green with no old dead stems showing, the coots have less nesting material and any rats that do move in are more exposed and easier for the stoats, martens and birds of prey to pick off.

While on this subject can I give a massive well done to the moron who decided that an empty beer bottle was much too heavy to carry all the way back from Middles to the lodge so decided to throw it in the reeds. I hit it with the brush cutter and got showered with broken glass so thank you very much.

I won’t go into the rest of our winter plans just yet but there are a few that we hope to carry out and I will cover each one as we do it. However, we do hope to be able to offer our guests the chance to have their bait here waiting for them when they arrive. If we can get everything worked out it should be possible to order the amount of bait that you want, at the same time as paying your balances, including pop ups, glues etc. and we will get them shipped out and sitting in our freezer waiting for you. The advantages will be, no more arranging delivery, finding freezer room at home, finding room in the car to bring it with you and worrying about keeping it frozen. On top of all that we hope to be able to do this for about the same price as the U.K. tackle shops. More details will be available within the next few days.

Exciting times ahead and I really can’t wait to be able to let you all know as each plan bears fruit.