16th November 2017

Having completed our 2017 season and with the second half being below our hopes and expectations, I have been concentrating on reed strimming and burning, emptying the stock pond, and stocking up on logs to keep us warm for the winter and various other bits and pieces during our “time off.” We are also planning a long weekend in Antibes to celebrate our golden wedding (50th) anniversary so I have had very little time to put together any detail of the season in depth. However, what little time I have had, I have spent examining the captures of the easily recognizable members of the “A” team and I think it’s quite interesting.
Now, before you jump to the list below, I need to explain that these are not all of the team nor are the recorded weights at their best weights, some are, some aren’t. There is also a lot of fish not on this list as we have several fifty pound plus carp that have been named by anglers but the names haven’t really stuck because the names refer to a moment in time rather than a feature on the fish itself. Basically, I am unlikely to remember “Fido” because it was “my nan’s dog’s name” as opposed to “Single Scale” or similar. That is the main reason that we stopped trying to record every fifty pounder. We got to about 42 of them and realized it was impossible to recognize every one easily.
There have also been several mid and upper fifties caught which we either didn’t get called to verify weights and names or the photos were so poor that we couldn’t tell which fish it was. It would be pointless for me to add several “unknown” fish to the list which might actually already be included. And that brings us neatly to another example “The Unknown” is missing from the list because we didn’t see her this year. She was a good fifty last year but didn’t get banked prior to spawning.
We must also bear in mind that we have a common in here which will put the Pipesmoker and Andy’s to shame when it does get banked. The fish that we rescued from the stock pond dam fence was up with the top two on our list and I have a theory as to why she, and a few others, rarely gets caught but that’s for another day.
I think you will agree that, even with a continuation of our growth rates, plus getting caught at exactly the right time, we could easily have at least 10 carp over 60lbs next year and two of them could be 80lbs plus.

Cut Tail – 76.15 – 26/04/17
Half Lin –


Pretty on 55.14

– 03/05/17
Clover – 60.05 – 31/05/17
Andy’s common – 59.15 – 03/05/17
Pipesmoker – 59.02 – 11/05/17
Peach – 58.00 – 30/05/17
Round Scale – 57.14 – 11/05/17
Black Scale – 57.03 – 10/05/17
Footsteps – 56.10 – 08/05/17
Pretty One – 55.14 – 30/10/17
Horseshoe Scale – 54-14 – 21/10/17
Chunky – 54.02 – 19/06/17
Arfur – 53.03 – 07/05/17
Chunky’s Double – 50.13 – 04/05/17