6th November 2017

We are now into the period of our year where we don’t have any anglers but we start the hard graft of trimming back trees and hedges, strimming all of the reeds around the lake, repairing the swims and getting everything ready for the new year.
Before all of that we have virtually completed draining our stock pond so that will be left dry for a while before refilling and ready to accommodate any carp below 25lbs which may be caught in the main lake next year. I’m also hoping to get a chance to plant some oxygenating weeds and water lilies in order to make it a much more attractive part of our home.
Right, that’s the work orientated blurb out of the way so it would make sense to have a brief look back at the seasons end. It’s not been the most exciting second half of our year but there have still been some high spots. Whilst writing this I should also let you know that I have been doing some research into the captures of our known and named fish and there could be some very interesting things to report so watch this space.
Right, the fishing over the second half of this season has fluctuated from very poor to exciting. In all honesty there have been more poor weeks than good ones but we ended on a good one. The lads last week worked bloody hard and banked 39 carp, which is a superb result in dropping temperatures so they all deserve a big “well angled” fellas.
In amongst those 39 carp were 4 personal bests and that included “Horseshoe Scale” at her best ever weight of 54lbs 14oz which was also 2lbs 7oz bigger than her last capture on 31st August 2017 (8 weeks).
I think it’s pretty obvious that the carp have remained on naturals throughout this year and this would appear to apply to several other lakes across France. My theory is that the fluctuating weather this year has slowed or even stopped the normal hatches. We haven’t seen prolonged spells of swallows feeding over the lake and even the bats were sparse until very recently and we haven’t seen the clouds of midges this year. If my theory is correct it would mean that the likes of bloodworm have remained in the mud much longer then normal so the carp have had an easy feast. This could prove very beneficial in the long term but hasn’t helped this year.
Now, in general terms, boilies have struggled while the naturals have been in abundance but one particular boilie shone out. I had never heard of “ComplexT” until Ting Tong turned up with it and it IMMEDIATELY produced the goods. I mentioned it in my blog following his groups 70 carp catch and several of the following anglers made sure that they brought some with them and used it to their advantage. It isn’t too hard to say that it certainly continued to lure the carp and virtually all of the big fish since early September have fallen to it. Obviously I wanted to try to find out what was making it different and what little testing I have managed suggests that it attracts everything and not just the carp. A couple of baits thrown in the margin were covered in snails within minutes so that could easily be the reason for the extra attraction. Whether that is right or not, the fact remains that it has certainly been a successful bait.

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Garry Linear 49.03
Garry Linear 49.03