22nd October 2017

Well here we are at the start of our penultimate week of this season. Last week was another poor week with just a handful of carp to mid forties banked. It seemed that the low water levels had an immediate effect on the confidence of some of the anglers and there was a distinct feeling that the fish weren’t feeding because of the levels. Nothing could be further from the truth as we watched numbers of carp bubbling and rolling from the dam wall down to Boneyard. Yes, you need to put in some extra effort to get the best out of these conditions but that goes for most carp angling situations doesn’t it?

Anyway, the lads, this week, have moved in with a determination to get some results and it seems to already be paying off. Yesterday saw virtually every one of the eight anglers wading out to find spots to fish to and plenty of bait going in. Now, bait, since Ting Tong’s success with ComplexT, we have seen a few anglers using it and, the more that goes in, the more successes it produces. It’s a soft bait but seems to have high attraction levels. So far this week, with only one night gone, we have ween four carp banked with the two biggest at 41lbs common to Jez and “Horseshoe Scale” at 54lbs 15oz (her best ever weight) to Simon. Well angled fellas and let’s hope it carries on.