14th October 2017

Sorry for the lack of posts and blogs but, with the dry weather continuing and extreme low water levels there has been precious little to write about. However, at least we saw a couple of decent fish banked this week so I can give a little more detail.

Before I do can I again suggest that everyone needs to bring thigh boots or chesties as it is essential to wade out a bit to safely land and release the fish.

Right, the group of lads, last week, seemed totally unfazed by the water levels and managed to bank a few. One angler landed 8 up to 42lbs from 1st Pontoon with another couple of forties from other swims. The best of the carp came to Max in Oaks with a mirror of 53lbs 8oz but he didn’t call me and didn’t get a photograph good enough for me to be able to identify which fish. Simon, in Mistletoe, banked a new PB mirror in the shape of “Arfur” (actually a leather) at 52lbs 14oz. I am pleased, and somewhat amazed, considering the conditions throughout this summer to be able to report that this is only 4oz below her best ever weight when she was last caught, just before spawning back in May.

Arfur at 52.14