9th September 2017


Having suffered the extremely hot and dry summer and having also seen the anglers continue to strive for a crumb of encouragement from feeding carp which just wouldn’t pick up a hook bait, it is a real pleasure to be reporting a good week.

“Ting Tong’s Tours” arrived last Friday evening with the weather seeming to have broken the day before they got here. Some of them were using a new bait, from Dynamite, that I hadn’t heard of before, the Complex-T. I’m always skeptical about baits that our carp have never seen before but this proved to be different gravy. Seemingly, within minutes, Iain had had two double pick ups and the action continued throughout the week. On a slightly unfortunate note, it appeared that a lot of the twenties and thirties were the first to switch from naturals to boilies, so their totals didn’t included the number of known big fish that might be expected. However, we have to salute any group that banks 70 (yes seventy) carp. That total included 10 forties (several above 47lbs), 2 fifties and the cream of the crop in the shape of Cut Tail at a superb 71lbs 9oz.

Well angled fellas.

I will just end by saying that there may be some interesting developments in the pipeline before the start of next season which could reduce some of the hassles for traveling anglers. We are always looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to enjoy their stay even more by taking away some of the headaches during the “making sure you’ve got everything” stage. Watch this space.