2nd September 2017

Well last week was, shall we just say interesting? Let’s get the grim part out of the way first. Conditions were shocking for the first five days with temperatures in the high thirties. We then had our first proper rainfall which raised the level by one million gallons and dropped the water temperature by four degrees. The result of all that was a poor week for fish captures but, and this was the real frustration, the carp were bubbling, rolling, head and shouldering and crashing out every evening and through the nights. They were obviously feeding on naturals but wouldn’t pick up hook baits. I was able to fish myself and took the opportunity to test two baits that some good friends had persuaded me to try. They had been so confident that they would be perfect for Moorlands and I was looking for the chance to test it. In short, I failed miserably and “not even a bleep” covers my week. I’m pleased to say that I stuck rigidly to my tests and tried beds of bait, small scattering of bait, glugged baits and washed out baits so I can now discount those baits for future use.

Right, that’s got that out of the way. The other lads fished hard but struggled and only four fish topped 40lbs, three mid forties and one fifty in the shape of “Horseshoe Scale” at 52lbs 7oz.

Now the typical frustration of carp angling has kicked in with the new group turning up with different baits (Dynamite Complex-T) and, even fishing to the same marks as last week, within 2 hours of casting out, had had 5 pick ups and banked 4 fish. Astonishing!!!

I will finish with a taster for the future. This year we have got on top of the weed growth and we are confident that that is a problem of the past. We also tried the blue dye to control the algae but, unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to have worked as expected. It appears that the suspended clay particles may have absorbed the dye and this has simply turned the lake a misty blue/green color with very little clarity. Now we are investigating “floculants” and various means to oxygenate the silt and thereby stop the silt releasing the nitrates etc. which are, apparently, the main cause of algae blooms. Our initial tests are VERY interesting and our test samples have cleared within 24 hours. Now I’m not expecting the entire lake to be crystal clear by the start of next season but I am confident that we should be able to make a massive improvement and that should be able to be improved year by year. If that proves to be right, we should also see a major change in the colors of these beautiful carp. Exciting times ahead.