27th August 2017


I’m pleased to say that the first week back after our summer break hasn’t been the total disaster that the incessant hot, dry weather could have caused.
There were more twenties and thirties than it would be reasonable to expect but 3 forties and 3 fifties in these conditions are a fair result. Add to that that five of those six carp were above 46lbs and we can continue to be excited for the following weeks.
That leads me nicely into some detail, albeit a small sample, of the success of the recovery of these fish. I know I keep rabbiting on about the weather but it has always been my belief that some “average” summer weather would produce better conditions for the carp to get back to “feeling good” and thereby in the mood to eat, recover, after spawning and grow back to their pre-spawn weights. This year has been far from average plus we have removed the weed and dyed the water. In the light of all that, here we are with some interesting figures.
Before our break, on 23rd July 2017, Alan caught The Peach at 57lbs 5oz. Back on 30th May 2017 she was reported to us at 58lbs but we didn’t see nor check weigh her and the scales that were used didn’t offer themselves for an accurate reading. Going another step further back, on 3rd October 2016 she weighed 59lbs 14oz and that was a confirmed and double checked weight. In short, she is already approaching last autumn’s best weight with the two most important months growth still to come so I expect her to be well into the sixties by year end.
This week we’ve also seen two unknown mirrors at 46lbs 9oz and 52lbs 7oz. Without knowing what they weighed previously I can only say that they should both be fifties, one possibly an upper fifty, by the end of the season.
Now, we’ve also seen two known fifties and an upper forty that we can trace.
Chunky’s Double was banked on 21st August 2017 at 49lbs exactly. Her previous capture was on 4th May 2017 when she was banked, full of spawn, at 50lbs 13oz. To already be back up to that weight is simply amazing.
Another capture on 21st August 2017 was Black Scale at 53lbs 8oz. Her best ever weight was 57lbs 3oz on 10th May 2017 when she was just about to spawn. 12 days later she had “shrunk” to 47lbs 8oz so she is another of the fifties which is well on her way back to her best.
We then also saw The Twin on 23rd August 2017 at 54lbs 13oz. Her best weight last year was 54lbs 11oz when she was caught on 27th September 2016 so she has already passed that mark and is close to her 2017 best which was 55lbs 7oz prior to spawning on 10th April.
Taking all of these recovery weights as an “average guide” and putting those against the remaining stock and known big fish would suggest that, given suitable conditions for the rest of this year (please let it rain) we have have the potential for some new lake records and some very big hits. Exciting times ahead.