20th August 2017

Just a brief update at the start of our first week after our summer break.

Nothing immense to report but a few details which may help following groups. The lads spent yesterday wading out to find spots of interest and then marking and baiting, quite heavily, to those spots. The guiding factor was simply to watch where the fish were feeding on naturals and then wade to those spots and the signs are that the fish are coming to the bait very quickly. We watched fish head and shouldering over three or four of the baited areas within a couple of hours of the bait being put out. That surprised me a bit because, while I had said that I thought they were hungry, it normally takes 24 to 48 hours to get them on the bait.

Anyway, three fish banked and three lost so far but the biggest banked is only a 35.15 fully scaled. I’m pretty sure that there could be some surprises to come.