17th August 2017

As promised, I have waded parts of the lake in order to check for snags and I’m pleased to say that none were found.

I started in “Stumps” and waded across in front of “Leanin Tree” and the center of the arm in that area is waist deep and there was no sign of any weed growth.

Having reach the forest bank I waded along under the trees and the whole area was free of obstructions. Personally I would not be fishing right across the arm as the fish appear to be feeding on naturals (probably bloodworm) in the softer clay in the middle of the arm. The bow waves from the fish that I disturbed suggested that there were some very big fish skulking about up there.

I then waded out to the fourth lilie bin and aerator and was just able to get there in chesties (chest deep). There were some interesting hard areas in the middle and another as I made my way back towards the forest bank point.

From there I waded along the trees into the Easter Arm bay and, again, no snags nor any sign of weed growth. The water in front of “Oaks” was waist deep and shallowed up to thigh deep as I got just past “Evening Pitch”.

From those observations, until we get some rain, my advice would be to concentrate choosing swims from, “First or Second Pontoon”, “Royal Box” or “Oaks” on the field bank and “Stumps”, “Sun Rise”, “Boneyard”, “Dog Leg”, “Reeds”, “Middles”, “Mistletoe”, or “Pampas” on the long bank. There have certainly been signs of feeding carp in the other, shallower, swims but my gut feeling is that, even the lightest disturbance would move them away.

Hope that is helpful.

I’m now off out to mow a strip of grass and put three stumps and bales at each end. That always used to work in England.

be lucky.