15th August 2017

Well we are back from our summer break by the sea and ready for the start of the second part of our season.

Looking around the lake suggests that we have a lot of hungry fish as the patches of bubbles seem very constant and are well spread around. After 4 weeks R&R it should mean that their fitness levels are back up and, as the weather cools, catches should improve. Exciting times ahead.

I will also use this opportunity to give a heads up to all of you still to arrive this season. We still have not received the forecast (and hoped for) rain so water levels are down. This is not a concern for the fish as we still have the full surface are for oxygen transfer plus the aerators are running 24/7 as usual. The reason for mentioning this is to advise you all to bring thigh boots or waders for landing fish, or be prepared to paddle. These big carp will panic once their bellies hit the lake bed in shallow water and I really don’t want to fall out with anyone who I see trying to drag one across the shallow margin just because he doesn’t want to get his feet wet. Come prepared and make life easy.

I intend to wade part of the lake during the next couple of days just to check that no snags (fallen branches) have been created so I will then be in a position to post some advice on which areas to try to concentrate on.

Be lucky.