25th July 2017

Well we have completed the first half of 2017 and we are now into a 4 week break from the fishing. This is not normal but we there is a considerable amount of work to be done around the house and garden so the plan is to hit it hard and give Sharon a break from the cooking times. This should mean everyone can relax and be fresh for the second half of the season.
We also plan to add some more dye to the lake in order to try to finally get on top of the algae so it will be interesting to see how effective this is. The biggest effect will probably be more evident next season.
Right that leads nicely on to a resume of this year so far. I will keep it brief but there have been some major events.
The first of these has to be the weed control.
In previous years the weed cutting began as the weed developed and it was then a race to keep swims open and fishable. This year, the team worked on the weed before it got a foothold and it seems to have done the job beyond everyone’s expectations. The type of weed in our lake is one which sets “turions” (seeds). These then drop to the lake bed and germinate before growing very rapidly into new plants. It is hoped that the early control this year (and possibly next) might lead to even less work for the future simply because the weed did not have time to set seeds. Fingers crossed.
The knock on effect from removing the weed may also have something to do with the fishing being harder this year, although I know of several lakes which are going through similar patches, without having any weed control to blame. It could be that the natural foods that would normally be in the weedbeds are now openly on offer to the carp as they roam about and this large supply of readily available natural protein seems to be very much to their liking. Now before anyone shouts that they don’t get big on natural food just bear in mind that 1 gram of dried daphnia contains 525 calories, yes you read that right; 1 GRAM = 525 CALORIES, and the blue whale seems to do alright on shrimps.
We have to hope that this free food source is not so widely available in future years as the weed growth becomes less and less. Bloodworms, snails and slaters will always be there, as they have been since the lake was dug 300+ years ago and that is good for the welfare of the fish but we need to be able to compete with our baits.
Following the weed control we needed to work on the algae blooms. One thing leads to another I guess. Our research through some of the best U.K. fisheries has led us to use an aqua blue dye from “Lakeserve”. We have made one application and the second will be added during this break. Our research suggests that the final piece of this complicated jigsaw will be that the fish will begin to feed very heavily again. The reasoning behind this is that some of the small daphnia type organisms feed and thrive on algae so once the algae is beaten the food chain above changes dramatically leading to anglers baits becoming far higher on the acceptance scale.
Right, onto the fishing. The obvious highlights have been the captures of Half Lin at 74lbs 15oz and Cut Tail at 76lbs 15oz. However, there were one or two other sixties that we were waiting to see but they didn’t get banked until after spawning so we now wait to see what those can do during autumn. Without digging through records the fish that spring to mind are, Clover, Pipesmoker, Twin, Lumpy, Footsteps, Horseshoe Scale, Black Scale, Chunky, Andy’s Common, Roundscale, Peach etc. etc. All of these, plus a few more, could be big sixties if they get caught at the right time and the weather conditions remain good for the “post spawning” recovery period.
The possibilities for next spring are mind blowing but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
As a final piece to this blog, I mentioned “Peach” above and Alan spent an evening float fishing following his earlier success with an unknown fifty, and his only bite, as they light faded, was from her. She turned the scales to 57lbs 5oz so, firstly, a huge well angled to him for that but it’s even more impressive if we look back at her previous captures.
Her best ever weight was on 27th March last year. This was before spawning and she weighed 61lbs 4oz. That’s just 4lbs bigger than she is now and she is currently well spawned out. Let’s take this a little further. We know that the big girls can shed 10lbs plus in spawn and we also know that our growth rates, even conservatively, are 4lbs plus. Just those two facts alone give her, along with several of the others listed above, the potential to be upper sixties before the end of this season and new seventies next spring. That being the case, what about Half Lin and Cut Tail???? 80lbs plus????
Be lucky.

Peach at 57.05