15th May 2017

 Week ending 13th May 2017, WOW!!!! After several weeks of poor results (nothing to do with the anglers, just weather) we finally managed to see some of the named fish.  I’m not going to bore you for too long and will allow the photos to speak for themselves.  The crew consisted of two anglers who had been to Moorlands before with 4 new members. The week started well and continued in the same vein and I shall list the forty pluses for your enjoyment. I will just add that I haven’t got a clue about the numbers of twenties and thirties but here you go:-

42lbs, 43lbs, 44lbs, 44lbs, 47lbs, 48lbs, 48lbs and 49lbs 13oz common.

53lbs 3oz “Arfur”,   54lbs 0oz “Cluster”,   54lbs 4oz unnamed,   55lbs 15oz unnamed,         56lbs 10oz “Footsteps”,     57lbs 3oz “Blackscale”,     57lbs 14oz “Roundscale”,               59lbs 2oz “Pipesmoker,         73lbs 10oz “Half Lin”.