4th May 2017

Well yesterday was yet another strange day to continue this strange season. We are seeing fish upping, rolling, head and shouldering and bubbling all around the lake. That has been going on constantly throughout this season but getting them to pick up hook baits is tricky, to say the least.¬†Yesterday it all seemed to be coming together when fish started hitting the bank.¬†First off was a new lake record common to Andy Murphy at 59lbs 15oz. Agonizingly close to our first ever 60lb common by just 1ozNext it was Dale’s turn with The Half Lin at her heaviest ever weight of 74lbs 15oz making it two different mid seventies now residing in moorlands.

The next shout that went up was for Gary Westcott’s first, and long sought after, fifty and what a fifty to catch. It was a stunning linear scaled mirror of 51lbs 11oz and, as it was caught by Gary and was a linear it just had to be christened “Garry Linear”.

Now we just need these creatures to get on the feed properly so that we can see some of the other fifties and sixties before we get to spawning time and they all start losing weight.