30th April 2017

Here we are at the end of April and it feels more like the end of February.

I will skate over the general fishing because none of the lads have fished badly, the fish have simply stuck to the naturals which are very plentiful currently.
Now I have a theory about the reason for the quantity of naturals and will add that in a minute but before that we can bask in Cav’s success in trapping our new lake record in the shape of Cut Tail at an amazing 76lbs 15oz.

well angled my friend!!!!!

Right, back to my theories. Three weeks ago we were moaning about the number of sedges hatching and landing on us. Since then the temperature has dropped and we have seen very few sedges or midges hatching. Now, it is possible that, because they have stopped hatching, that the Cadiz and bloodworm remain on the lake bed in far greater numbers than would be normal for this time of year. If that is the case, it is likely that the hatches may start again this week and within a few days or so the natural food supply will be greatly reduced. If I have it right we should see a major upturn in the numbers of carp being caught as they start looking for other food items.